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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on our ICETRO Frozen Cocktail & Granita Slush Machines


Need a Slush Machine Repaired or Serviced in Your Area?

Email ASM to arrange a Service Request on Your Slush Machine

In Major Capital Areas in Australia.

Whilst we are wholesalers and do not employ technicians Australia wide -

We do have a large contact base of reputable service people who

can carry out repairs on your Slush Machine.

Please see below to Check if one is listed in Your area or search for

"Slush Machine Repairs" OR "Refrigeration Mechanic" in Your State

or Suburb.

The following list of Slush Machine Repairers & Refrigeration Mechanics

are not employed

or contractually endorsed by ASM & are merely provided for your assistance.

If PARTS are required for ASM SEA&C JetIce units please contact us directly.

BEFORE calling a technician to look at your slush machine always ensure

you have READ the INSTRUCTIONS correctly & completely....

Easy Fix Slush Machine Troubleshooting

Spiral Auger Stopping / Unit Not Freezing: Reset Sensors

Q1. Is the problem limited to ONE side of the unit or BOTH sides of the unit?

Q2. Have you followed all steps to reset sensors, unplugged machine and
slowly turned switches
on one by one ensuring the augers are turning on both sides and the unit
is set to Freeze mode
(switches UP) on both sides and mix at correct ratio on BOTH sides?

If it's stopping it usually means too much water in the mix which will cause
it to freeze over and
stop gears so as not to blow up the motor
Ensure you have enough syrup in mix and if any condensation adds to water
you need to add
syrup and reduce setting at rear to much less Icey.

This part is essential if it is not freezing: Turn off unit at power then turn
off all switches and
reset thermostat by turning on again after 1 minute;
slowly turning switches back on one by one after reducing setting at rear to
much lower number (near “2” to "2.5")…
.It is imperative you follow these steps exactly to RESET the
thermostat sensors
if the unit is not freezing up...
Unit may be on or near minimum or maximum freeze which may be too high
or too low in winter or too high if no alcohol has been added

HINT: Do not set to "4" believing more is better - this is an extreme setting &
not required. Set to around "2" at rear on all sides.

Also ensure you've lubricated all the seals. Ensure unit is either indoors or under
sufficientcover and out of heat & direct sun.
Ensure uninterrupted mains 240v Power is sufficiently connected.
Augers / spirals can also catch & make a screeching noise if unit not
lubed adequately.
You may need to remove bowls and augers then lube then restart 
with correctly measured mix.
Never use poor grade or weak mix and always use approved slush syrup
or damage may result
If the above steps have all been followed and
sensors have been reset and mix is correct,
then you may want to get a refrigeration mechanic to check your unit for a service:

New South Wales:

NSW, Sydney - StarBoss Pty Ltd - 0414241298

NSW, Bathurst - Fridgcon - 0418639027

NSW, Fountaindale, Central Coast, M&M Refrigeration - 0243886666 or 0401394542

NSW, Moore Creek - Air Freeze Refrigeration - 0267617392

NSW, Culburra - 0429061370

NSW, Coffs Harbour - Faircloth & Reynolds - 0266917200 -

NSW, Snow Tech Refrigeration Pty Ltd - Sydney (Covers any area within Sydney and some outside) - 0404858040

NSW, Weston Refrigeration NSW - 0448730744 - Warren

NSW, Tamworth, One Flash Electrical, Ryan - 0411537301

NSW, Carlton - ZR1 Refrigeration - 0418445579

NSW, Nowra, Bomaderry -

South Coast Refrigeration - 0418237616 or 0244221477

NSW, Griffith Catering & Repairs - 02 69645000

South Australia:

S.A.- Adelaide -  0437151319


Pakenham Head Office - Australian Slush Machines

Phone 0447587446 - Slush Machine Repairs by Appointment

Bellarine & Westcoast (Based in Geelong covering Geelong,

Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast, Golden Plains & Western Suburbs),

Victoria - Brett - 0414856222

Melbourne Metro - 03 97353958 -

Melton, Victoria - Matt - 0418367305

Mornington, Victoria - Mornington Refrigeration - 0431020407

Mordialloc, Victoria - - Mordialloc Refrigeration (Peter) - 0418383775

Bon Beach, Victoria - 03 87747767

Somerville, Victoria - Coldvend - 0417544502

Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria - Chatfield Ozcool - 0408523099

Victoria, Mildura - 0408857756

Victoria, Pakenham - Cool Solutions - 0413542472

Victoria, Kyabram - Arctic Refrigeration - 0409531172

Victoria, Wodonga - M&H Plumbing & Refrigeration - 0409811770


QLD, North Cairns, J&R Refrigeration, John - 0740812900

QLD, Proserpine, Charlie Mason Refrigeration - 0418746731

QLD, Mackay, Yeti's Refrigeration & Electrical - 0749522990

QLD, Hervey Bay, Arctic Refrigeration - 1300729889 or 0407019967

QLD, Central Commercial Electrics -

Rockhampton QLD - 0749271205 or (AH) 0407954790

QLD, All So Cool - Brisbane Area & Mansfield QLD - - 0418719604

QLD, Brett Bolton Electrical - Weipa QLD - 0429991341

QLD, Van Eerde Refrigeration - Aitkenvale QLD - 07 47792275

QLD, Longreach - Saunders Electrics - 07 46581001

QLD, Woree - Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration - 07 40346000

QLD, Goondiwindi - South West Refrigeration - 07 46714477

QLD, Central Queensland, CQ Uni, Alan Gill Refrigeration - 0428226266 or 07 49364886

QLD, Brisbane - Blue Diamond Air & Refrigeration - 0478746575

QLD, Brisbane Area & Underwood - Refrigeration House of QLD - 0422336012 or 07 38086000

Northern Territory:

N.T. - Dynamic Refrigeration Solutions - Winnellie - 1300112187

Western Australia:

W.A. - Kalbarri Refrigeration - 0429202313

W.A. - Allen Air - Port Kennedy - 08 95246534

W.A. - Licensed to Chill - Mandurah / Pinjara - 0402010745

W.A. - Complete Refrigeration - Cockburn / Barragup - 08 62443355  0437764411

New Zealand:

Wellington Appliance Servicing - Lower Hutt - 04 2602066

Download Instructions for Technician here on how to check for Non Freezing Issues


Why is it when I pull the handle down no ice comes out, only liquid, even though the slush machine is frozen?


If this situation happens it means that a piece of ice that is bigger then the hole were the slushie exits from has blocked this hole.

This occasionally happens when a piece of ice misses being broken up by the moving spiral.

All you need to do is pull down on the handle of the slushie machine.

This will lift the white tube attached to the handle exposing the slushie exit hole.

If you get a straw and poke it up the handle column and then push it across horizontally into the slushie machine,

you will be able to push that ice cube back into the machine which will then be broken up by

the moving spiral and the slush will then come out freely.

Why is only one side of my slush machine frozen?


In 99% of cases, this is nothing to worry about as it is just the way the slush machine freezing process works.

The slush machine will start freezing the left bowl first,

then move to the to the right bowl. If after 2 hours one side is still not frozen, then it may be a solenoid problem.

If this is the case, contact a service technician in your area & contact us for spare parts.

Why is the tap dripping?


In rare instances the taps may get a slight drip. In most cases, as the slush machine

freezes up the dripping will stop.

Just keep a jug underneath the slush machine and you can pour the slush mix

back in when it is frozen.

If it doesn’t stop, your handle seal may need to be changed or lubricated with Lubrifilm.

Please follow instructions & ensure you lubricate the seals regularly.

If Rear Bowl Seal is Leaking, Remove Bowl and Check Seal is not twisted or damaged and apply lubricant around outside of seal & refit bowl.

Why is the machine not freezing?


In most cases, there is an issue with the environment surrounding the slush machine, not the slush machine itself.

Make sure there is at least 30 cm’s of space at the back of the slush machine and on either side of the machine so the slush machine

can draw in fresh air and expel hot air.

Make sure your slush machine is not sitting in direct sunlight or in an area were there is

a lot of heat like next to an oven or barbecue.

Make sure the slush machine is turned on and that the switches have not been switched

to defrost mode.

Make sure the slush machine is powered on and that the power supply is not cutting out.

The slush machine must be connected to a power point directly and not to a power board,

and must not have other appliances connected to the same power point as the slush

machine draws a lot of power.

See notes below also on Generator power.

If you don’t see any ice in your slush machine after 2 hours, please call a technician

in your area to service your slush machine.

Why is my slush machine making a clicking noise?


Some of the time a slush machine will make a clicking noise. This is nothing to worry

about as it is just the slush machine

adjusting the torque tension inside the machine to ensure it produces the correct slush ice consistency.

What's the difference between a Slush, Slushy, Slurpee, Frozen Cocktail & Granita Drink Machine?

Granita or Frozen Cocktail or Slushee / Slush Machines are known by

many names & are the same machine.

These are simply different names used to refer to a frozen drink machine unit.

The units make Slushies, Cocktails or Granita Drinks.

They are frozen icey drinks with flavour and can contain Slush Machine Syrup or Juice and can be made with or without alcohol.

How Do I Order Mix or Slush Machines?

Download, Scan & Return our Credit Card Payment Order Form Here or

Call to Order on 0447587446

Are your Slush Machines easy to use & clean?

Yes, our state of the art machines are extremely easy to use. They arrive ready assembled.

We email easy to follow instructions on the operation of the machine but if you can turn on a

power point and pour in 1 bottle of concentrate then you are already an expert!

View Our Instructional Video On How To Clean Your Slush Unit:

How long does it take for the mix to freeze in the cocktail slushee machines?
It takes about 45 minutes for the first batch to freeze in normal conditions.

We recommend you turn the unit on at least 90-120 minutes

prior to your function start time, let it freeze then

turn off the unit and add 1 bottle of alcohol per side. You add the alcohol

(it is economical and you know what is in the drinks - real alcohol not toxic chemical essence!!)

Do I need to provide any ice or freeze the bottles of slush drink / granita mix?
No. No ice is needed, the machine freezes the mix and creates the ice for you!

What do I need to supply for the frozen slushees & cocktails?
All you need to supply is Strong Table or bench* - No plastic or glass top, a standard 10 Amp power point,

alcohol (1 bottle per side) and friends to drink your amazing frozen

cocktail or slushee drinks.

Do you have bigger slushy machines?

Yes. We have 1, 2, 3 or massive 4 bowl cocktail machines available on request!

How do I order a Slush Machine to Buy in Australia?
Simply call or email us.

What payment methods do Australian Slush Machines accept?
· Cheque: 
· Bank deposit or BPAY

· Credit Card: Call 0447587446 to pay by credit card

We will also issue a Tax Invoice that can be paid by Credit Card Online.

Via Paypal Login & Join at and use as payee.

Is there a delivery charge for a Slushee Machine?
We deliver Australia wide via StarTrack Express

and have very competitive rates including insurance to your door.

What alcohol do I need to supply?

Please click on our Cocktail Recipes for full details, It's easy!

Buy Quality Slush Granita Cocktail Machine Units

Want to Buy a Sturdy Stand for Your Slush Machine?

Here at Australian Slush Machines we suggest the affordable

Stainless Steel Bench Stands available with wheels from ASM

A note on Generators & Slush Machines and Ice Cream Machines

NB: Ice Cream Machines & Slush Machines Require Quality Uninterrupted 240v Power

If you are running machines on a generator you need to fully ensure the generator is more than adequate.

It must be up to the task taking into account other appliances running off the same generator. Allow a margin of at least 10-15%

Generator power is not recommended as the preferred power for

any slush or ice cream unit as these units contain a PCB board and regulators for freezing mechanisms

An inadequate power supply can not only alter the calibration but can cause permanent damage!

e.g The SSM280 has a 0.85 HP compressor so you would need at least a 4kva generator to run one machine.

Please do your research when sourcing any generator!

Do not cut corners as the wrong generator will cause more problems than it is worth.

It may not perform properly & may cause damage not covered under warranty.

Need more information on our Quality Slush Machines?
If you have any further questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to call

or text SMS us on 0447587446 or email:

Download Wiring Diagram & Technical Manual Here

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