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Frosť - Summer Wine Slush Drink

Frosé (Frozen Rosé) - the Hottest Drink of Summer!

Australia's blistering summer temperatures have made it blatantly clear — Every summer is best enjoyed with your favourite frozen slush drink in hand. But while pretty-in-pink frosé has enjoyed No.1 status as the sophisticated thirst-quencher of choice this past summer, it's now time for the cocktail favourite to hand over that position to a new frozen slush wine cocktail. Behold, frozen Riesling, or 'freezling'.


Frozen Rose (Frosé)

Recipes & Hints

Frosé Wine Slush Drink


Let’s assume the unit is a 12 litre x 2 bowl unit – (HINT: Half the below if unit is 6 litre per side)


So - 12 litres each side:


We recommend using rose wine (around 14.5% alcohol) plus sweetening with our Strawbery Daiquiri (10% Real Strawberries) SLUSH mix ($130/case) - the slush mix has stabilisers and a brix of 13% to ensure unit does not over freeze or cease up and cause damage to the gearbox


Please do not just add water to wine or problems may result


The best bet is to use slush syrup base 1 litre - you can try straight & add 8 parts Rose Wine


run unit on lowest setting - i.e. at rear turn silver screw on each side until setting at rear shows “1” - there is a small garage at rear on each side with umbers 1,2,3,4 etched in the black plastic with a red indicator - make sure it is on “1” or just over - between 1to2


if unit over freezes add more slush syrup to taste


It may take some experimenting to get it to your taste depending on the wine and the alcohol content



main thing is to NOT simply add water to the wine or plain sugar as this will cause problems


We made a frozen use for a client with this ratio below and it was amazing!!



to every:


10 x 750ml Rose wine

we added

approx. 1 litre slush mix (we used our STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI but you can use Lemon or any flavour or neutral)

so 7.5 to 10 litres Rose wine to 1 litre Strawberry Daiquiri Mix ($130 per case)


Setting at rear on lowest




taste = semi sweet & heaven!

HINT: Experiment with your own wine recipes and let us know your feedback!



please also read and follow supplied slush machine instructions


we sell neutral slush syrup in a case of 6 x 2 litre concentrates for $125/case delivered inc GST - OR  strawberry Daiquiri (10% strawberries used) is $130/case delivered


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