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Why ASM?

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Australian Slush Machines Pty Ltd is the premier distributor and wholesaler of the Jet Ice Slush machines made to exacting quality standards in South Korea. Offering the most durable, reliable and quality service backed Slush Granita Frozen drinks machines, ice cream machines and ice cube makers Australia Wide.

Established over 25 years our Company has a commitment to our clients to provide the highest quality services in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. We Sell & Hire.

With years of expertise and knowledge, we are confident that we will have a solution for your needs. We do what we love & we love what we do & we are always more than happy to help.

To find out how we can help you, please call us on 0447587446 (044 SLUSH GO) or click here to email us.


Why Buy a Slush Machine from

Don't Buy an Inferior Cheaply Made Plastic Toy!! 

You can tell the poorly made slush units on the market by the cheap plastic surrounds.

How is flimsy plastic supposed to last & hold a 20kg Compressor and motor for very long?

How is that plastic body supposed to last more than a couple of months?

Most cheaply made units are 10 or 15 litre non industry standrd sizes and are made in China or Italy with cheap parts and plastic frames.

Since a typical Slush Unit is around 38-54kg, Coloured PLASTIC won't last long at all! Ask about parts availability too & if there is a lifetime warranty when the unit falls apart.

Don't get caught out. Buy from the Experts Who Know exactly what is out there!

It is important to know what you are looking at when you are buying a slush granita cocktail frozen drink machine or daiquiri or margarita unit for your business or home or commercial premises or hire use.

At (phone 0447587446) we are happy to give completely free advice an how to buy a slush unit, what to look for and how to set up a slush machine business for profit. The italian made units on the market are very good and in fact we used them for hires in the beginning. The downfall of the units is that they are very expensive & we found them prone to breakages on a regular occurrence - usually the bowls, pins and handles .. these were very dear to replace - around $275 AUS plus GST plus freight for a bowl and when they started splitting, cracking and breaking regularly this became an imposition we were not prepared to keep paying & they were not covered by warranty.

So set out to find a more durable unit. All the units tested from China were not up to the task and they were hard to get parts for and failed in so many ways that they could not be used in a commercial environment. To this day we have not seen one unit that is up to the task & we have had horror stories of Chinese made units that have blown up, sparked, failed to freeze and shipment of 100 or more that had to be sent back....if there were any good ones we would look at them..


We found a hard wearing unit...that we can cover by an exclusive lifetime warranty*.....

The ASM Slush Machines proudly presented in Australia by come with a full lifetime warranty* on the bowls, pins,handles & the motor/compressor. Should any of these parts ever fail they are replaced under warranty*. The unit can be repaired by a local refrigeration mechanic and if the unit cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time simply send it back & will repair the unit within 10 business days or replace the machine. The parts do not break like on the Italian units and the unit work unlike the chinese made drink machines...

Contact on 0447587446 or via our email address for further information. 

Free advice and straight down the line service and good will...



Download, Scan & Return our Credit Card Payment Order Form Here or Call to Order

* Lifetime Warranty Applies as long as customers are solely using our approved wholesale slush mix and following correct mxiing instructions. Deliberate damage or issues caused by misuse or lack of cleaning are not covered under this extended warranty. Units must be maintained in a satisfactory working order and cleaned on a regaular basis.

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